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Spaghetti westerns
(1964 - 1975)
(Always end your day on a highlight with a Spaghetti Western...)













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Enjoy the following Spaghetti Westerns movie clips. Each one is about one minute long and can be ordered on this site.
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A Fistful of Dynamite

A Sky Full of Stars For A Roof

A Thunder of Drums

Ace High

Alive or Preverably Dead

An Animal Called Man

Apocalypse Joe

Ballad of A Gunman

Bang Bang Kid

Ben And Charlie

Buffalo Bill


Chuck Moll

Cipolla Colt


Day of Anger

Deep West


Django And Sartana... Showdown In The West

Django, Prepare A Coffin

Django Shoots First

Don't Turn The Other Cheek

Finger On The Trigger

Five Man Army

For A Few Dollars More

Get Mean

God Forgives, I Don't

God Will Forgive My Pistol

Guns For San Sebastian

Guns of The Magnificent Seven

Here We Go Again, Eh Providence

I Came I Saw I Shot

Lucky Luke

Man Called Amen

Man of The East

My Name Is Nobody

Son of Django

Sugar Colt

Take A Hard Ride

The Diamond Peddlers

The Hunting Party

The Long Riders

The Man From Nowhere

The Return of Halleluja

The Return of Ringo

The Shakiest Gun In The West

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw

The Stranger And The Gunfighter

The Three Musketeers of The West

The Wild Bunch

They Call Him Cemetery

They Call Me Trinity

They Came To Cordura

Trinity Is Still My Name

Two Mules For Sister Sarah


What Am I Doing In The Middle of The Revolution