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Spaghetti westerns
(1964 - 1975)
(Always end your day on a highlight with a Spaghetti Western...)




















































































































































































































































Enjoy the following Spaghetti Western music clips.

Each one is thirty seconds long.
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20 000 Dollars On Number Seven

A Professional Gun

A Stranger In Town


Beyond The Frontiers of Hate

Boot Hill

Breakheart Pass

Bury Them Deep


Chapagaus Gold


Cipolla Colt

Dead Are Countless



El Puro

Fifteen Scaffolds For The Killer

Get Mean

Grand Duel

Gunfighters of Casa Grande

Guns of The Magnificent Seven

Hang em High

Have A Nice Funeral Friend - Sartana Will Pay

His Name Was King

Jonatham of The Bears


Kitosh - The Man Who Came From The North

Light The Fuse... Sartana Is Coming

Little Rita Nel West

Man Called Amen

One After Another

Pancho Villa

Run Man Run

Sabata The Killer

Shoot First Ask Questions Later

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

The Shakiest Gun In The West

The Silent Stranger

The Stranger Returns

The Three Musketeers of The West

They Call Him Veritas

Trinity Plus The Clown And A Guitar

Wild Wild West